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iBlue Immobilizer Software

Available for every platform

The modern, user-friendly application is available for all popular platforms and operates with most smartphones.


Service mode

If the car needs a service

If, for example, your vehicle needs a service, the immobilizer functions can be temporarily disabled, so the engine can be started in the usual way.

Handsfree Mode*

You will not need to take out your phone to start the vehicle

When you turn on this feature, your phone will vibrate in your pocket indicating that you can turn on the ignition.

*Please note this function is only available for iOS devices!

Find My Car

You will never forget where you parked

Have you ever been in a large car-park and forgotten where you left your car? With the iBlue “Find My Car” function, you can find your vehicle at any time, thus improving your overall sense of security.

Not just for one car

Suitable for several vehicles

With this application the details of several vehicles can be stored simultaneously, and knowing the PIN code will also allow the operation of several vehicles.

Route information

Do not forget where you've been

When you are starting or finishing a journey, the application automatically saves the position of the vehicle, so you can retrieve when and how much you used your vehicle at any time.

Keep a track of expenditure

Manage the costs of your vehicles easily

Track when you fill up, the maintenance and repair work done on your vehicle, produce reports and set up various reminders regarding your vehicle.

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iBlue Immobilizer

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