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Android OS security flaw

Before you have any support questions for an existing product, please review the unofficial distributor list. The products sold by the listed companies are unofficial products, so their operation is not guaranteed.

The situation is temporary. It will be resolved shortly as an Android OS security patch.

From 20.04.2019, the following operational changes take effect in the Smart Gate / Smart Key virtual key sharing system:

Android OS has recently released several security updates due to system vulnerability, which strictly investigate applications’ inbound and outbound communications. As a result, the ability to send email – to share keys – via the Smart Key application was temporarily discontinued on Android OS. All other functions remain unchanged in the application.

These changes apply only for Android OS, and do not affect the operation of the Smart Key application on Apple iOS (Smart Key 3.3).

The iBlueSmart Gate / Smart Key features available from 20.07.2019:

Apple iOS:
• Installing Master Key
• Sharing key(s)
• Device management (opening / closing)
• Device detection (iBeacon)
• Automatic opening
• Receiving/installing shared keys
• Device default settings and operating settings

Android OS:
• Installing Master Key
• Device management (opening / closing)
• Receiving/installing shared keys
• Device default settings and operating settings

The described change cannot be validated as a warranty case!

Last Updated: 04/25/2021 Print